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Monday, 18 January 2016

Craving the next generation of computer researchers 

Today computer science college students have jobs even before they complete their course things like campus interview where the college invites various IT companies. The best part is that most students get placement but the dark side is that students don’t get to think about next stage in their education, in other words computer science students are not exposed to research areas . The important contribution they can bring to their field. Although computer science research takes time, it has the power to change the world. Since everything runs on computers , bringing out new ideas is vital.
In India , computer science students are more attracted to IT related jobs. The rate of researchers is on the decline.I read an article by Jane Richardson is director of the Oracle Academy in EMEA. The article says,”There is a clear disconnect between the perceptions of IT products and IT skills among young people today. While the likes of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg and YouTube’s Steve Chen have invented products in the IT space that no self-respecting teenager would live without, we are not seeing enough youngsters taking up ICT at school”. He highlighted the need and motivation for research.

Is this impossible to fix? maybe yes, according to me.The course curriculum  and teachers should consists the power of imparting new ideas instead of focusing only GPA. The need for viable ideas should be encouraged among students and all the benefits of being a computer science researcher.

Tips for being a researcher:
  • Always be curious and question every topic you study in computer science.
  • Choose or identify your favorite problem and work towards solution.
  • Find a mentor
  • Always seek the advice of professors
  • Pick a domain in computer science and read latest research articles
  • The conclusion section in every research papers is very important , it describes the drawbacks in that proposed idea so try to find a way to overcome it.
Author: R.udendran computer science and engineering and researcher.