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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Advanced Data structures and Algorithms.

What is the next stage after learning basic data structures and algorithms ?
I have a collection of data structures and algorithms which are regarded as advance data structures and algorithms. I have provided advance data structures and algorithms for parallel computing too.
  • In Balanced binary search trees :AVL trees ,red black trees ,B/B+ trees.
  • In heap:Binomial heaps,Fibonacci heaps and operations,disjoint set representation.
  • In hashing:Double hashing and Universal hashing.
  • In graph algorithms :DFS ,BFS and connected Components
 Kruskal and prim algorithms - shortest path problem - Dijkstra’s and bellman - ford algorithms -Johnson’s algorithm for sparse graphs - flow networks - ford fukerson algorithm - maximum bipartite matching.
  Parallel algorithms :-
  • PRAM models - EREW, ERCW, CREW and CRCW and relation between various models handling read and write conflicts and work efficiency
  • Brent's theorem
  • Parallel merging, sorting, and connected components
  •  list rank
  •  Euler tour technique
  •  Parallel prefix computation
  • Deterministic symmetry breaking 
Pattern matching:- finite automata based methods - Rabin Karp algorithm - Knuth Morris Pratt algorithm - Boyer Moore heuristic - computational geometry - two dimensional problems - line segment intersection convex hull - Graham’s scan - Jarvis’s march technique - closest pair of points in a set